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The CYBER KIDS Millennium Curriculum project-oriented approach imposes that each project must be socially relevant, carried out as a group activity, and technology be embedded and applied without becoming a central actor in the process. Current educational models are becoming obsolete partly because (1) schools do not pay sufficient attention to the value of learners interactions, collaboration and team building as well as because (2) kids feel that whatever they learn appears to be irrelevant for their subsequent life. CYBER KIDS organize extra curricular activities to reinforce this objectives.

Note: The term extracurricular is here used to facilitate understanding by third parties. CYBER KIDS urge us to avoid using the term "extracurriculal activities" because these activities are integrated into the curriculum and aim to materialize CYBER KIDS Philosophy such as targets for sociability, linking to society and real-life. Students are engaged in a number of activities outside the classrooms and they are therefore better referred to as CYBER out!!.

Examples of extracurricular activities include Users Training Clubs, Electronic Art Fairs, Innovation Competitions, CYBER camps, CYBER KIDS Christmas Markets, and many others. CYBER KIDS Graduation Ceremonies were always accompanied with awards and exhibitions of art creations, educational or other multimedia products, software, designs, and other innovative products developed by students.


Users Training Clubs

CYBER KIDS students automatically become members of the USERS' TRAINING CLUB (UTC). Provided they make an appointment, students can use the special facilities at CYBER KIDS centers to practice what they have learned, to work on projects or to complete school work. Generally they are free to engage in any creative work to help them develop through the use of CYBER KIDS facilities. It is of utmost importance to underline that CYBER KIDS students may use CYBER KIDS facilities under this scheme in any country (or district) in which CYBER KIDS operates.

Electronic Art Fairs

One of the highlights of the Year is the Electronic Fair. Throughout the year, Instructors should encourage their students to prepare works for the Electronic Fair. Planning ahead is very important. Remember that all paintings should be ready well ahead of time.

Innovation-Technology-Social Progress Fair

For instances, all children are urged and encouraged to participate in the Annual State Fair of Innovation Technology and Social Progress which is organised in Cyprus by the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute, the Institute of Technology. The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Development Bank. In each country, CYBER KIDS seeks out or organizes equivalent Innovation Fairs for participation. The goal is to exhibit work of students and enhance the values and objectives of improving culture and society by an innovative process of change.

Campings, Sport Activities, Christmas Markets and other Initiatives

CYBER KIDS staff are encouraged to organize sporting activities which are liked by students and instructors as a way of enriching the life of the CYBER KIDS community. Activities such as football, basketball, swimming, tennis, etc. sustain student interest and attract new youngsters into the CYBER world.

Organizing camping excursions involving CYBER Kids students and instructors is another valuable activity. Normally taking place in the summer, camping is viewed as a pleasant event which breaks the pattern of daily routine in a way that is fun for everyone. Moreover, it creates solidarity among CYBER KIDS members at various levels, developing a sense of community, identity and CYBER KIDS culture.

CYBER KIDS Newspaper

This activity has been very successful from the very first day of its implementation. Students work either as individuals or in teams to prepare articles, advertisements, announcements or other pieces of work for their Newspaper. Each country organizes the production of its own Newspaper. Usually, the responsibility for its production is assigned every year to a different CYBER KIDS Branch. In the process of its preparation and production, students come in contact with all facets of the world of Media (i.e., Marketing & Promotion Departments, Sales Units etc.).


Children who have special talent and abilities should be offered and given the chance to improve and progress. Such students are encouraged to participate in specialized projects related to CYBER KIDS and their affiliates. These may involve curriculum projects with the curriculum development R&D team, projects linked to real workplaces and professions, or even research projects linked to colleges. It may also be possible to engage gifted children in joint projects with children in other countries. Children who have talent and are interested in new openings in the world of technology and social change may be granted a scholarship or their fees may be partially subsidized by a collaborating company.

Summer Jobs

One of the services that CYBER KIDS offers is to help its students find summer jobs in a work setting where they can make use of the skills and knowledge they acquired at CYBER KIDS. It is assumed that CYBER KIDS will use its community contacts to help find work placement for its students. This activity is viewed both as a social service and as a way of making CYBER KIDS widely known.


Senior members of CYBER KIDS may offer support to college and university students who are involved in research projects or seek research ideas which are related directly or indirectly to the work of CYBER KIDS. Such work may be related to any aspect of the IT and educational activities of CYBER KIDS and/or to any areas of expertise or interest of the senior members of CYBER KIDS. Offering support services for students working on projects links directly to the R&D interests of CYBER KIDS through Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI) or a possible equivalent institution in the country concerned.

Activities for Charity

CYBER KIDS students and instructors are urged to organize and/or participate in charity events through their work. Such involvement is in line with the high level of social consciousness and responsibility which is continuously cultivated through the CYBER KIDS curriculum. There are many ways of achieving this goal. One approach is to take advantage of charity organizations which are active in areas related to children's health such as cancer, leukemia, aids, special needs, etc. and help them in organizing special fund raising events (or simply participate in important and well-publicized fundraising campaigns). CYBER KIDS should of course be dressed appropriately, and the CYBER KIDS organizers should make sure that our participation receives enough publicity (Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and TV should all be invited to cover such events). The second approach is to innovate and organize an event which will receive attention. Again the funds can be donated to a charity organization. Another fundraising example is the organization of a Flea Market in the center of each city a few weeks before Christmas during which CYBER KIDS (and their friends) sell their used and old toys. Again publicity and media coverage are integral part of the process. Use such events to stimulate your students to work on new projects and sensitize them about the issues involved.

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