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Our vision is to re-define the methods, tools and purpose of education in light of relevant social change.

Methods The challenge is not only what you offer, but how you offer it. This statement is true not only for education, although in the field of Education it becomes extremely important. This is because if know-how is not offered with the right method the result may be useless; in the simplest case the student forgets everything s/he is taught, or worse, even develops negative feelings about the particular know-how and learning. CYBER Kids has defined a combination of content (Curriculum) and delivery (Philosophy and Pedagogy) which is receiving international attention and recognition. It is future education that is child-centered and where the computer is a means not an end.

Tools One of the ways in which humans differ from animals lies in their ability to "invent" tools to assist them in performing various tasks. All tools up to date have been able to increase physical power. The computer is a tool which dramatically increases brain power (=brain amplifier). However, to own the tool is one thing, to know how to use it correctly is another. The CYBER Kids Method emphasizes how to "play/interact" meaningfully and beneficiently with this tool for educational purposes.

Purpose Not many people ask this question, but we at CYBER Kids dare to do so: "Why do we need education?" The simple response: "in order to be able to get a position at the University, to graduate and get a job and a salary in order to live a good life" is not satisfactory to us. We envision a world in which our children will live and enjoy everyday of their lives and this includes having fun and joy in the process of the various learning experiences. Education is key to personal development.

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