Maria Symeonides

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Maria Symeonides
Maria Symeonides
Title(s) Operations Director 1991-1997
CYBER KIDS Ayios Dometios Branch Manager 1992-1995
CYBER KIDS CEO 1997-1999
Years 1991-2000
Courses Taught Courses Taught
Academic Studies BS Mathematics, BS Art, BS Computer Scvience
MS Computer Science
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Mrs. Maria Symeonides founded CYBER KIDS together with Yiannis Laouris and George Vakanas in 1991. She joined as founding partner of MISnTED Ltd. Maria played a major role in the original phase of launching [[The CYBER KIDS Experiment][ as well as later in the operation and the development of the award winning Cyber Kids Curriculum. Maria served as Financial Director, as Operations Director and as managing Director. She has also contributed enormously in the organisations of virtually all Innovation-Technology-Social Progress Fairs and Electronic Art Fairs.

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